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Last edited on 2013-04-23

The Urban Policy was set up in 1999 by the federal government. At the time, it wanted to pay particular attention to the specific problems of large cities. It is indeed in large cities where the phenomena of unemployment, social exclusion and deterioration in the quality of life - affecting our societies - appear most acutely. At the same time however, the cities constitute a privileged area where economic development, innovation and service activities are concentrated.

Faced with this situation, the federal government consequently decided to implement a city policy at a federal level that aims to allow the harmonious development of the city and contributes to the nation’s economic growth, while ensuring the habitability of city centres and respect for citizens.

Federal minister Jean-Pascal Labille is in charge of the Urban Policy.

The Urban Policy Service was set up in January 2001 to ensure the implementation of the Federal Urban Policy. This Service is an integral part of the Federal Public Service “Social Integration, Fight Against Poverty and Social Economy”.