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The Anysurfer Label

Last edited on 2011-03-13

AnySurfer is a Belgian quality label for accessible websites. Websites carrying this label can be used by anyone - including the partially sighted, the blind, colour blind, elderly, and anyone with a hearing or motor disability. Additionally, accessible websites are usually better suited for small screens of for instance a cell phone or a pocket computer, and they can be used in any given web browser. Finally they provide a higher score in the results of search engines such as Google. Due to many parallels with other principles of modern web design, such as attention for general user-friendliness and international web standards, respecting the AnySurfer accessibility guidelines proves advantageous for all internet users. All websites can qualify for the AnySurfer label provided they meet the AnySurfer guidelines. Site owners can turn to AnySurfer for an audit and technological support. We avail of a number of education modules to get acquainted with the guidelines.

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