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Pocket money for rest home residents

Last edited on 2011-02-15

Rest home residents and (pocket) money. Not a regular subject for most of us, but nevertheless an important issue for residents, their family and the institute where they are staying. Elderly people who have sufficient means will, in principle, pay for their own accommodation at the rest home.

What happens if the accommodation can’t be fully paid for?

If you do not have sufficient resources yourself to cover all expenses, the PSWC can meet the deficit. You are then required to transfer your regular income to the PSWC ; it will be used to pay for your accommodation. You will receive pocket money on a monthly basis which you can spend freely, the amount of which is to be determined by the PSWC. In that case those who qualify for support duty (the children, grandchildren, the spouse or ex-spouse, if any, and any living parent) can be ordered to fill the deficit. This only applies if they dispose of a sufficient income themselves. Recovery cannot apply to a resident’s brothers and sisters. Recovery of the accommodation costs for a rest and care home from children and their spouse, if any, will be limited to the statutory child’s portion. The person obliged to provide maintenance may call on reasons of fairness to be exempt of payment, such as a limited income, heavy financial burdens, disrupted family ties, etc.