About the federal Public Planning Service (PPS) Social Integration

The PPS SI works for you.

We are:

  • a federal public service with its own guidance services created in 2003 that strives to guarantee a dignified existence for all those living in poverty. For more than 10 years, we have been defending the right to social integration by trying to ensure that those who fall through the cracks of social security and live in precarious conditions can have a dignified existence.

Living together better isn't just a slogan, it's our daily source of motivation.

Our objectives:

  • Defend the right to social integration
  • Fight against all aspects of poverty and social exclusion
  • Act to ensure social cohesion and development in large cities
  • Ensure integration, prioritising social welfare

Reimburse the integration income and social welfare to the CPAS (public social welfare centres)

We want:

  • to prepare, implement, evaluate and follow up on an inclusive federal policy for social integration, guaranteeing basic social rights for everyone on a lasting basis.

We do this:

  • by preventing and fighting poverty and exclusion in all its forms.
  • by means of the urban policy on social cohesion and sustainable development.
  • by means of integration prioritising social welfare services and guidance in terms of training and long-term employment.
  • by sustaining a permanent dialogue and equal partnership with all levels in politics, as well as with the associations representing the target groups.
  • by stimulating and supporting the development of our local partners' skills.

Our values:

  • Respect
  • Quality and customer service
  • Openness to change
  • Equal opportunities and diversity.


Working for the PPS SI

Approximate number of employees: 200.

The most frequently sought-after candidates:

In order to carry out the numerous missions within its remit, the PPS Social Integration is looking for various candidate profiles, including those holding master's and bachelor's degrees and those responding to the profile "Expert with proven experience in poverty and social exclusion". 


The PPS Social Integration allows each employee the option to work from home. Additionally, employees may take 10 training days a year and complete immersion courses with our partners.

Employees can always refine their knowledge and skills in the areas in which they work. Each employee has 10 days a year to follow a training course in various establishments.


Currently, there are no open vacancies within the PPS SI. Please check the Selor website for any other positions within federal administration

Who are our ministers?

The PPS Social Integration, fight against Poverty, Social Economy and Federal Urban Policy is represented by the following competent ministers and secretaries of state:


Karine Lalieux

Minister for Pensions and Social Integration, in charge of Persons with Disabilities and Combating Poverty 


Meryame Kitir 

Minister for Development Cooperation and in charge of Urban Policies 

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